USAR 13 assist on the MVC

Wednesday, September 7, 2016   This morning the rescue assignment was struck for I-95 NB at Rte 896 off ramp. First arriving units from Aetna and Singerly Fire companies reported an over turned dump truck with the driver trapped. The Emergency Rescue/Towing response was initiated which added a rotator HD wrecker from B&F towing, USAR13 and an engine from Christiana for manpower. Together crews used cribbing, rigging and air bags to free the driver in just under an hour. Patient was handed off to Medic Trooper-4 for flight to Christiana Hospital.



Another Entrapment for Rescue 13

Wednesday, August 10, 2016   At just before 2200hrs last evening the station was dispatched for the 1800 Blk of Harvey rd for the MVC. RE13 with 5 responded within seconds as communications advised a subject possibly still in the vehicle. CMD 138 arrived to confirm entrapment and assume command. The rescue engine quickly stabilized the vehicle and placed two tools in service removing the drivers door, B-post and rear door in under 10 minutes. Two subjects were transported to the hospital. Assisting on the scene were C25 and medic trooper-4.



First due porch fire

Wednesday, August 10, 2016   Yesterday at just past 0100hrs, the assignment was dispatched for the 2000 Blk of Floral Ln. in the Graylyn Crest section of our first due for a reported trash can on fire on the rear deck. Chief 13, E135 and Ladder marked up with 10. E135 arrived with smoke showing from the Charlie side and asked for the upgrade. E135, secured their own water supply and stretched on the dwelling as L257 took first due special responsibilities. L13 took second due truck and E256 assumed 2nd due engine. Fire in the enclosed porch was quickly knocked down with crews remaining on scene and opening up to check for extension and hot spots. Delco E40 was on the upgrade but was redirected to cover Sta.13.



MVC with entrapment

Monday, August 8, 2016   ust past 1300hrs, the rescue assignment was put out for Darley Rd @ Indian Field rd. There, RE13 arrived to find a 2 car MVC with a vehicle off the roadway and in need of a door pop. Crews stabilized the vehicle and freed the patient in under 10 minutes. Assisting on the scene were A13, Medic 4 and A25.



Entrapment For The Rescue

Tuesday, August 2, 2016  At just past noon, the rescue assignment was dispatched for the MVC in the 2500 blk of Foulk road. A13, B13, RE13 and the deputy all hit the street fully staffed in less than a minute as communications advised it was a single car MVC on its side with the possibility of someone still inside. Medic-4 and our ambulances arrived and notified the rescue they had confirmed entrapment. The rescue-engine landed, placed two struts in service to secure the vehicle as EMS attended to the patient. Due to the accident on the border, Rescue 25 was dispatched to assist. Crews used two hydraulic tools to free the trapped driver in less than 20 minutes.



First Arriving Special Service

Wednesday, July 27, 2016  Yesterday, just past midnight, the street assignment was struck for the 5200 blk of Le Parc Drive, Le Parc Condominiums for the reported structure fire. RE13 marked up within a minute of dispatch and was advised of smoke in the apartment. RE13 landed first due, with E113 close behind. Taking the first due special job assignments, crews split and went to work. The chauffeur and OV man ran ladders around to the "Charlie" side of the structure to find a woman trapped on the balcony. They removed her via the ladder while the "can" man located a kitchen fire and held it in check. E113 crews backed him with a handline and the fire was quickly extinguished. The remaining crew assisted several occupants out of the building due to smoke conditions. The assignment was scaled back within 30 minutes.



RIT Assist Station 20

Friday, July 1, 2016   Yesterday the building assignment was struck for the 1200 blk of West Ave in 20's local. With heavy smoke showing from a 1 story hotel, cmd asked for the working fire dispatch. This brought R13 to the scene as RIT, but upon arrival, we were put to work to assist with fire suppression. Crews operated for little over an hour before being released. This was the company's 33rd fire so for this year and the second fire of the week.



First Due Garage Fire

Wednesday, June 29, 2016   Wednesday at just past 1700hrs, the assignment was dispatched for the unit block of Lawson ave for the garage fire. Cmd-13 and E135 arrived within seconds of dispatch to report a 20X20 detached garage with smoke showing. The engine established its water supply and put a line in service. R13 arrived as first due special, assuming their responsibilities as E113 secured a second hydrant and ran a backup line. L257 arrived 2nd due special and E256 acted as RIT. CMD-13 placed the incident under control in an hour.



Weekend Brings Second Working Fire

Sunday, June 26, 2016   Just prior to 1300hrs, the street assignment was struck for the 1100 block of Cypress Rd. for reports of smoke coming from the house. R25 landed first due after already being on the street on a call. They secured their own water supply and started a hand line. Crews from R25 and E256 started two hand lines to the basement as E135 crews assisted with searches and opening up. Crews quickly had the fire in check but remained on scene for almost 90 minutes making sure all hidden hot spots were opened up and extinguished. There were no injuries and the county Fire Marshal is investigating. This was the second working fire this weekend and #31 in the books so far this year.



Multiple Cars On Fire

Sunday, June 26, 2016   E135 was dispatched to the 1800 blk of Philadelphia Pike for a reported car fire. Command 13 & E135 arrived to find multiple cars involved to the rear of Jack Smiths Towing. Command asked for additional engine for manpower and water supply. The request brought E115, E256 and Delco E39 to the scene.



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